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For travelers looking for a great trip on a budget, there is no better place to go than Africa, where motorcycle tours, safaris, and gorilla trekking are abundant. Siyabona Africa Safari Company offers a wide array of vacations for the discerning customer, including motorcycle tours, safaris, and wilderness excursions. An example of a great motorcycle tour through Siyabona Africa Safari Company is their 14 day Africa Extreme motorcycle tour.

Starting from the beautiful city of Johannesburg, vacationers take a motorcycle route to South Africa’s renowned Kruger National Park. Within the park, vacationers have the opportunity to join park personnel in observing wild game in all terrain vehicles. Including the tour of the park and driving game throughout habitats, vacationers get the opportunity to camp within Kruger National Park.

From Kruger National Park, the motorcycle tour heads to Swaziland’s Mlilwane National Park. Tourists get another opportunity to tour wildlife habitats as well as additional white water rafting or horseback riding depending on the vacationer’s particular interests. From Swaziland, motorcyclists ride through Lesotho Mountains, the Sani Pass in South Africa, and the famous Comrades Marathon Route, site of one of the most grueling marathons in the world.

Siyabona Africa Safari Company is not the only purveyor of motorcycle tours, but their tour pricing is competitive. While spending over $2000 on a vacation may seem like a lot, spending two weeks in the beautiful environs of Africa is certainly worth the money. Motorcycle tours in Africa are incredible, memorable experiences worth the investment.

Travelers looking to experience nature’s beauty should look no further than a gorilla trekking trip to Africa. Gorilla trekking essentially involves traveling through a gorilla habitat, observing gorilla behavior, and experiencing the beauty of natural African habitats. Siyabona Africa Safari Company is among the many services that provide vacation services in Africa and an example of one gorilla trekking trip is their three day trek to Parc National Des Volcans in Rwanda.

The trek begins with a flight from Nairobi, Kenya, to Kigali and the first day of the trip is devoted to a tour of historic Kigali. With a night spent at Kiningi Lodge, vacationers begin their trek in earnest on day two, with the benefit of English-speaking tour guides and all wheel drive transportation, ensuring a safe, enjoyable tour. Tracking gorillas and experiencing their habitat is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and certainly one that trekkers do not forget.

Siyabona Africa’s gorilla trek in Rwanda costs between $1160 and $1370, depending on the time of the travel season a person purchases the package. This includes the three days of accommodation, both hotel and camping, meals, and a permit to travel through gorilla habitats and learn about their environment. Similar vacations in the United States or in Europe are nearly as expensive without the benefit of being immersed in such a beautiful area. As well as the gorilla trekking, vacationers can experience beautiful lakes in Buhra and Ruhondo and get their money’s worth in sight seeing.

One of the great natural wonders in the world are the Victoria Falls in Africa, which is situated between Zambia and Zimbabwe in southern Africa. For vacationers and tourists, the Victoria Falls provide a great vacation trip on a relatively moderate budget compared to other international trips. Siyabona Africa Safari Company and others offer great trips to the Victoria Falls and Siyabona has a fourteen day trip from Swakopmund to the Victoria Falls for a great price.

The fourteen day trip includes visits to the beautiful and secluded Cape Cross, observation of abundant wild game and vegetation in the Okavango Delta, and of course, considerable time observing the beauty of the Victoria Falls. For vacationers interested in getting immersed in nature without spending their entire budget, this trip offers the opportunity to camp for two weeks in terrain close to the Falls. Some of the activities included with this package are tours of bushman wall paintings, flights over the Delta, fishing trips, and safari in the Moremi Game Reserve.

For this fourteen day trip, Siboyana offers an extremely budget friendly price of $770. The reason that this trip is so affordable is that instead of utilizing hotel facilities, the entire trip’s accommodations involve camping as well as the relatively low costs of traveling into nature preserves. Traveling to the Victoria Falls or any other African landmark on a budget is easy when travelers take the time to research different travel companies.

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